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The Most Popular Custom Mirror Designs in 2020

One relatively inexpensive way to update the appearance of several rooms in your home is with mirrors. It’s far less costly to open up your living space with the strategic placement of mirrors than it is to remodel or even repaint.

Mirrors are a great addition and update to any room of your home. The design professionals at Desert Empire Mirror & Glass recommend using eclectic displays of smaller mirrors to enhance and open up areas of your home.  Make a custom-designed mirror part of your design elements. 

Below are a few of 2020s most popular custom mirror designs.

Round or Oval Designs

Classic oval and round mirrors never go out of style. No matter your decorating style, they can be seamlessly integrated into any room. They can stand alone in minimalist brass frames as the perfect Mid-Century Modern accents. Or, kick it up a notch using elaborate, larger frames. 

These mirrors offer a contrast to the angles and contours of your walls. Decorators often pair them above stand-alone vanities, hall tables, bachelor chests, or other blocky furniture. 

Starburst Pattern

This attractive style gives a nod to the Art Deco Movement of the early 20th century. If you’d like to add a throwback touch from a more glamorous era, consider adding a starburst mirror to your hallway. 

Got a sunroom you’d like to showcase? Choose a starburst mirror with crystal accents to take full advantage of the natural lighting.

Antique Mirrors

Maybe you thought all your Great Aunt Glenda left you was some dark, heavy furniture you will never use. But before you have that estate sale, pull that antique beveled mirror to the side. Cleaned up and re-framed, this vintage piece is a charming bit of your family history and also a lovely accent for almost any room in your home.

Geometric Mirrors

These mirrors work in rooms with modern touches or those with a sleek retro vibe. Whether you prefer the streamlined appeal of a rhombus or want to open up your living space with a large hexagonal shape, geometric mirrors come in almost unlimited varieties.

Standing Mirrors

The beauty of a standing mirror lies in its versatility. Tucked into a corner of your bedroom, a standing mirror gives you a chance to check your look from head to toe before heading out the door. But it can also be handily repurposed and angled to monitor a hallway or other room if necessary. 

Standing mirrors often are double-sided, with one surface magnified. Frames can be metal, wooden, or even frameless models for an ultra-modern look.